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The Movement of Progressives and Moderates is a political and social project which is open to those persons of good will, who have one particular aspiration at heart - that of seeing Malta become one of the best countries to live in, in Europe.

One of the main goals of the movement is to promote a model of ‘consistent consultative governance’ which is close to all Maltese and Gozitan citizens, throughout a whole legislature and not just during the last months before an election.

The movement is particularly open to those persons who distinguish themselves from a partisan mentality.

As a movement we are most interested in progress. The logo of the movement symbolises the following: moderation and balance, openness to differences and the acceptance of diversity. This includes the participation of Nationalists, Labourites, the Green Party, the Church, individuals and other groups or institutions.

Our ambition is to improve the dialogue process on the Maltese islands, which are traditionally characterised by polarised and highly partisan political mentalities, which as a result are not always conducive to progress, especially when partisan thinking blocks the fundamental democratic processes of dialogue and reason.

We are committed to listen and enter into balanced dialogue with all sorts of people, coming from different social and political backgrounds.

Since October 2011 we have been working on various on line focus pages about different areas and themes with the intent of developing a progressive vision. The nature of focus groups is one with which people can relate to and contribute, even if they do not have technical or political expertise.

The focus groups involve young and old, experts and lay people, theorists and practitioners. The main function of every focus group is the 'generation of ideas' alongside another very important task - that of listening.

The themes presented and discussed in focus groups range widely. From topics such as obesity, the environment and public health as well as international issues such as the current financial crisis. All focus groups have the ultimate aim of developing doable, constructive, progressive proposals for the Maltese islands.

These proposals are ultimately tabled into a report which is sent both to the government and opposition, as well as other major institutions such as the church, in a way which is unpartisan and in a way which seeks progress and true change for the better without distinctions.

If you are interested in giving your contribution - join us via our Facebook main page or one of our focus pages which can be found in the issues section of this website... .

Best regards,

Wilfrid Buttigieg
Movement of Progressives and Moderates (Malta)

Email: contact@progress.org.mt
Mobile: +356 999 777 78

The Movement of Progressives & Moderates is a political and social project which is made up of citizens who seek to transform the Maltese islands into one of the best countries to live in, in Europe.

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