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September 2012
General Congress Proposals (English)

Proposti Generali Kungress (Malti)

Congress Proposals - Education (English)

Proposti Kungress - Edukazzjoni (Malti)

May 2012
Animal Welfare Proposals
Business and Public Tenders Proposals
Civil Liberties Proposals
Democracy Proposals
Education Proposals
Environment Proposals
Financial Services Proposals
Justice Law Courts Proposals
Maltese Language Proposals
Political and Religious Tolerance Proposals
Public Health Proposals
Racism Proposals
Social Justice Proposals
Sport, Health and Fitness Proposals
The Family Proposals
Tourism Proposals
Transport Malta Proposals
Valletta Proposals
Youth Proposals

The Movement of Progressives & Moderates is a political and social project which is made up of citizens who seek to transform the Maltese islands into one of the best countries to live in, in Europe.

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